7 Things This Blog Is About.

Welcome to our very first Light & Lex blog post! We are both delighted and honored that you have chosen to visit this page and learn a little bit more about us! For our first ever post, we wanted to let you all into our world and let you know the top 7 things this blog is about (and a few things it's definitely not about) -- okay, enough said! Here are 7 things you can expect to see us post about:

1. Our lives.

While we probably won’t bore you with the mundane tidbits of our everyday lives, here’s the reality: the webpage you’re currently reading from is www.lightandlex.com -- that being said, you can expect that within this blog we will talk a lot about ourselves. LOL! Now, we don’t mean that in a conceited way at all -- but as you’ll see as you continue reading, we’re centering this whole blog around our lifestyle, personal experiences, beliefs, and more. Now, if that’s the kind of thing that interests you, then please stick around for the ride because we’re sure it’ll be a good one!

2. Our faith. 

As individuals, as well as collectively, our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing to us and the most important thing about us. All of who we are is because of Him. He is the very core of our lifestyle, decisions, interests, etc. We plan to write a lot about what He’s done for us personally, how He’s challenged us, and what we’re learning in the current season that we’re in. 

3. Our relationship.

I’m sure this one is a given, but we will most definitely be blogging about our relationship. What can we say?! We’re in love, y’all. We’ll be sharing stories, moments, and memories with you all. Not just the sweet and cutesy stuff, but the more difficult and trying things as well. Together -- Light and Lex. Enough said, right?

4. Our thoughts.

Like any blog anywhere, we’ll be opening up about our own personal thoughts and emotions from time to time. 

5. Our struggles.

Why does social media make people look like they have it all together? We ALL have struggles, but they’re so easily masked on social media. We’re so good at hiding our struggles and acting like we have it all together. Here are some things we openly struggle with: comparison, jealousy, pride, anger… just to name a few. We plan to write about not only the highlights of our life, but also the lower points and what we’ve learned / what we’re learning in the midst of it all.

6. Our ideas, dreams, and goals. 

2018 is approaching oh so quickly! For us, that means marriage and a whole new world is also approaching quickly! Ideas lead to dreams and dreams lead to goals — we’re excited to see where this upcoming year will take us, where marriage will take us, where blogging will take us, and so much more!

7. Our adventures.

If you know us even a little bit then you know that we LOVE a good adventure. We love going new places and trying new things! We plan to document many of our adventures for you, but also so that when we’re old and gray we can look back and smile at this incredible time in our life!

This blog is NOT a way to promote ourselves or make our own names famous. This blog is also not a way to show off or seem like more than we are. Honestly, we’re just two people who love one another and love God even more. We’re both pretty creative and really enjoy stretching ourselves to see what we can accomplish together! It’s been a dream of ours to start something like this for a while, and we’re both excited and ready to open up this side of our lives with more than just our immediate circle. We hope you can tell by now that within this blog we plan to make known the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly — candidly ourselves through it all!

So what do you say? Are you going to come on this adventure with us?!

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