Light & Lex
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Meet Light & Lex


It all started back in 2012...

The short version: Light and Lex met, became the best of friends, and then fell in love. However, this is an "About" page, where you've come to learn all about us. So let's get into the long version; starting with us telling you a little bit more about ourselves. 

Light is a funny, loving, and joy-filled guy who is a friend to all. His favorite food is pizza -- though he is extremely particular about which kind he will eat! He thinks pugs are the cutest dogs out there and doesn't care what anyone says about it. He's way into music, fashion, and art. Basketball is his favorite sport...  he likes the way they dribble up and down the court! He probably could have made it to the NBA, but then his marketing career got in the waaay! Light loves God with all of his heart. He gives all of the glory to Him for every part of his life. Second to loving Jesus, this man loves his fiancé (Lexi) like no ones business! He has never stopped pursuing her heart and he's so excited for their future together!

Lexi (also known as Alexis or Lex) is a sweet, kind-hearted, and goofy gal who looks at life with eyes of love. Her favorite foods are Salmon and Sushi. She loves reading, hiking, thrifting and going to coffee shops! Her favorite kinds of music are acoustic-folksy-indie type stuff aaaaand rap.  Fall is her favorite season for more reasons than one, but here are just a few of them: beautiful colors, falling leaves, crisp / fresh air, layers / super cute clothes, and pretty much all things Pumpkin -- minus the PSL from Starbucks -- yuck! Jesus has changed her life in every single way and she cannot keep quiet about His goodness, His grace, and His unending love. Right after Him, she loves her fiancé (Light) and is so thankful to have the privilege of being in friendship and relationship with him for forever!

Now that you know a little bit more about us individually -- let's get into our story!

Light & Lex met back in 2012. Amidst a crazy group of Jesus-filled friends, they grew very close! As they were growing closer to the Lord, they were simultaneously growing closer to each. When they saw each other it was always a great time! One year, Lexi even made up a catchy jingle that she would later sing for Light every single time she saw him -- it went a little something like this: "Ayooo I'm Light Kamasseee, and I roll in a really cool posseeee, ooooh! check it! ayeeeee, oh oh!" Ask her to sing it for you one day!

Anyway, back to the story -- so Light had feelings for Lexi on and off from 2012 onward. He was such an amazing friend, a true friend through and through. He never let on that he liked her, but simply remained patient and kind. Lexi on the other hand didn't develop feelings for Light until the end of 2015, but when the feelings came they came in super strong. It sounds crazy, but it was an almost instant eye-opening type of thing. All of the sudden, she fell hard and fast for this man who had been one of her greatest friends for years. Not to mention, this all happened IN California, throughout the time span of a friends wedding week. How crazy?! They prayed, waited, and talked to an amazing friend throughout the process; without the other knowing that this was even happening (Thanks Laura!)

Light eventually couldn’t wait anymore. He texted Lexi at the end of 2015 saying they needed to talk before the new year! So they did. They both made their feelings clear and started dating about a month later on January 28th, 2016! Now, almost two years later they’re engaged and planning their future together! A beautiful relationship birthed from an incredible friendship — the best gift (aside from Jesus) that either of them could have ever received! 

Together, these two make up a dope duo that they've self-named, "Light & Lex" -- pretty clever, eh?


And that's a rap on who we are for the most part... BUT, if you choose to stick around for the journey, we’ll be opening up and sharing even more of our lives right here on this very website! Here's to brand new things on the world wide web!


two are better than one...
— Ecclesiastes 4:9